Brazilian Space & Quantum Industry: Coming Soon

3 min readFeb 12, 2024

Before the pandemic, I would tell people that India is the future. World history is not required in the US public school system. People sometimes would react, “What? India? Why?” Back then only one Asian country was covered that people would view as the future.

Fast forward, a pandemic happened with so many geopolitical events. All of the sudden, India graces the covers of finance magazines and becomes the topic of investment portfolios.

Now I am promoting Brazil. I get reactions, “Why Brazil?” Then I am followed with a few comments about soccer, samba, and carnival. Or sometimes I get questions about the rainforest, and why would there be a Space program when there is so much going on with the rainforests.

Once upon a time, in a story that unfortunately is not a fairytale but the real life of many in my shoes..I did not end up like Cinderella. Cinderella is an orphan who ends up happily ever after in the movies. In real life, India & Brazil have taken in people affected by wars, which would obviously include those like me who grew up with disabled parents and had no siblings.

Maybe in the past there were barriers that affected the economic growth of these two countries. But with the technology we have now which I have studied in depth, I am quite confident in those two countries. I have studied automation, as well as other technologies and apps related to project management done on a classical computer. Technology and the more it innovates, will highlight that there is top talent in these extremely diverse countries. Yes, India is diverse. I just went there this past year. I woke up and saw people who looked just like me. Sometimes people thought my oldest son was from the Northeast of India or Nepal.

I have helped people from other countries for over ten years. I have gotten to know Brazilian people who don’t want to be known for just their appearance, they want to be treated for what they have on the inside. Now all of the sudden India is all over the news for many positive things. It wasn’t always like that. I remember when I said India is the future before the pandemic. I was right. I happened to have two gifted parents before they were disabled, who gave me an excellent early childhood education.

We now have research on how early childhood education can provide a headstart. I am extremely confident in the brain capital of Brazil, a country with a beautiful history of taking in people from wars. I never experienced people in India or Brazil looking at those affected by wars with a deficit lens so far, the way I have experienced in some places. I think we have a lot to learn about what is going on in these countries that are destined to be blessed for how they have treated people affected by wars for centuries. India for example, never kicked out Jews. They were more advanced than Europe when it came to that in their history.

I look forward to sharing my journey about what is going on in the Brazilian Space & Quantum Industry with my followers. As I studied gifted education, I know how important the view of the teacher can psychologically affect a student. Sometimes gifted students do not get identified and end up in poor situations as adults. It has been well documented that gifted kids get misdiagnosed. I was saved from misdiagnosis myself from a psychiatrist trained in India who advocated for me and said I was gifted. As perspectives and perceptions can affect others, I hope to give a more expanded perception on the brain power and potential of Brazilians.




Brazilian Space Entrepreneur Ciro Rockert's Business Partner. Graduate of Quantum Computing India 30 Day Challenge. Marketing at Culture City 1871.